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The Best Bakery in Hobart

We take pride in baking an extensive range of delicious food in the old fashioned way – using hands. At Companion Bakery Service, we have a team of seasoned bakers who use fresh and the best ingredients to bake soft buns and other delicious items with dedication and love. These items include custard tarts, vanilla slices, cheesy mite scrolls, savoury twisted bread, spinach and feta rolls, meat pies and more. Our bakery items are popular for their unique taste and reasonable price. That is why we are the most preferred bakery in Hobart. We are not only a popular name among the locals but also the tourists. Over the years, we have catered to many recurring and new clients and satisfied everyone’s need for enjoying baked goods made with love and dedications. So, come visit us now!

We Follow Trade Measurement Laws

At Companion Bakery Service, we strictly follow all the rules set by the government of a country for the retail and wholesale sale of bread and other bakery products. We have different categories of food that are sold by numbers such as muffins, doughnuts and bagels etc., and weight like biscuits and cookies. We also sell some products by using scales. We understand the importance of following food rules and regulations by FSANZ that develops the food standards for Australia and New Zealand. We make sure everything produced at our bakery is made with quality ingredients, using professional techniques and high performance equipment. We never compromise on quality for churning quantity. Thus, you can rely on us to always adhere to food safety regulations and maintain optimum hygiene while preparing everything.

Our Variety

Our Delicious Dessert

If you are love pastries, then you must visit Companion Bakery Service. We have an extensive range of fresh and delicious pastries. These are prepared by our seasoned and skilled pastry chef.
Jelly Slice
Chocolate Crackle
Tim Tam
Caramel Slice
Fairy Bread
Anzac Biscuits

Why We Are the Best Bakery?

Companion Bakery Service is the best bakery in Hobart because we maintain a balance of quality and quantity. Also, we keep the price reasonable to make sure that the majority of people can enjoy delicious items.
  • Quality The best thing about our bakery is that we never compromise on the quality of the food under any circumstances. Our bakers only use fresh and best quality ingredients for cooking these delicious items. We also pay attention to the shelf life of our items.
  • Variety Companion Bakery Service not only focuses on the quality of our food items but understands and respects the various requirements of food lovers. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of items that includes buns, bread, biscuits, pastry, pie, roll, etc.
  • Price The price at Companion Bakery Service is also very reasonable in comparison to other bakeries in the city. We keep the price of all our food items affordable so that more and more people can purchase them.

We Follow Traditional Approach

At Companion Bakery Service, we stringently follow the traditional approach to prepare and bake our items. Unlike other bakeries, we do not hustle in preparing our food items with various modern equipment and baking them. All our bakers are experienced and working with us for decades. They follow all the traditional recipes and methods to bake items. Moreover, our ovens are also traditional that are made using natural stone, clay, and metal.

Our Super Soft Delicious Bread


Reasons for Our Success

We have one of the most successful bakeries not only in the city of Hobart but in entire Tasmania. We started as a small group but quickly become a reliable name in the industry. Here are the main reasons for our success.


We have some secrete recipes that our bakers and pastry chefs are religiously following for decades. These traditional recipes are one of the reasons for our success.


We also make sure that all the ingredients that we are using to prepare our food items are fresh. Our final products also have a shelf life.


The most appreciated thing about our food items is the taste. Whether you have a dessert, pizza, roll, pie or anything else, you will experience a unique taste.


Apart from the food items that we prepare, our additional services are also very popular among people of Hobart, Tasmania.

We Are a One-Stop Solution
When it comes to the bakery, we understand the diversified requirements of people. And that is why we offer an extensive range of services to our customers at a reasonable price. At Companion Bakery Service, we also provide all essential equipment for baking, provide classes, home delivery of food items, wholesale purchasing, and offer a personalised solution. We also have a team of professionals who provide bakery related consultancy, make arrangements for the party. We are also known for selling premium quality coffee beans. So, whatever your requirement is, Companion Bakery Service are more than capable of fulfilling it. To know about the services, visit our service page.
  • We Are CommittedCompanion Bakery Service is committed to quality. Whether it is the products that we make in our bakery or the services that we offer to our valuable clients, quality has always been our topmost priority. We always strive to give our customers the best possible products and services at a reasonable price. That is why we have successfully created a large client base in Hobart and other parts of Tasmania. We never compromise on the quality under any circumstances.
Learn the Art of Baking

Whether you have a passion for make beautiful cakes or want to polish your skills to start baking professionally, we can help you in every manner. We have a team of professionals who takes classes where they share tricks and tips to make cakes, biscuits and other bakery items. People who have already learned the art of baking from our professionals appreciate us for such service. Our experts, who are seasoned bakers and pastry chefs, can teach you the easiest and most effective ways for baking different food items.

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