Our bakery provides all kinds of baking tools and equipment. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can get high quality and extensive range of baking tools at a reasonable price. These tools include a measuring cup, wooden spoon, round pan, rectangular pan, hand blender, and many more such things. You can either visit our store to purchase the tools or order online. You might get a discount on bulk orders or some special occasion.


We also provide bakery classes to individuals who are interested in learning the art of baking. At our bakery, we have a team of experienced bakers and chefs who take these classes. Whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, you will get the right lesson to develop your skills. You not only get theoretical knowledge but also get the opportunity to practically do the baking under the supervision of the experts.

Home Delivery

We also provide home delivery of our bakery products and baking tools at your address. However, to get this service, you need to order a minimum quantity of items. To know about that amount, you can contact us and know everything in detail. All you need to do is to place your order, make the payment and mentioned your address. We will deliver it to your address within a couple of hours. This service intends to save your time and energy.


We sell our products, be it food items or equipment, individually and also in wholesale quantity. Many small bakeries in Hobart and Tasmania purchase food items from us and sell them at their place. We have a different price list, and it goes without saying that it is cheaper. So, if you have just started a bakery in Hobart and need good food items at a reasonable price, contacts us.

Personalised Solution

Providing a personalised solution is another important service that we offer to our customers. Whether you want to order a cake for a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, we allow our customers to choose the weight and design of the cake. Our experienced pastry chefs have the ability to make a cake that our customer has asked for.


At Companion Bakery Service, we also provide bakery related consultancy to our clients. If you are planning to open a bakery, our experts will guide you in different ways. For how much money you need to spend, location of bakery and setting up the price to what services you need to start, hiring baker and purchasing equipment, we will take care of everything. This way, we will help you start your bakery.

Party Arrangement

If you are planning for a party at your home or office and have placed an order for the cake, then you can also opt for our party arrangement service. We have experienced professionals from event management backgrounds who will organise your party in the best possible manner. Stay away from the stress and hassle of the party and enjoy it. Our professionals will take care of the entire party. All you need to do is, inform us at least a week ago. It will help you to avoid the problem of unavailability

Premium Quality Coffee

Another service that is highly appreciated by our customers is that we provide packed premium quality coffee beans to our customers. Our old and reliable suppliers are providing the coffee beans for more than a decade, and we are selling them at a reasonable price. The customers highly appreciate these coffee beans for their aroma, taste and freshness. So, if you want to purchase the best quality coffee bean in Hobart at a reasonable price, opt for our packed coffee beans.